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About Us

Middle Georgia Vending is a vending machine supplier covering Macon, Warner Robbins and Middle Georgia. We are hungry to earn your vending business as your employees and students are for great snack and beverage vending machines that are always stocked and working properly.

Our turnkey vending services are a must for small and large businesses, hotels, schools and more.

The benefits of vending machines in your workplace are well documented and include:

Keeping Staff Happy
Vending machines provide convenient source of food and drink for employees and helps keep them alert throughout the workday. Grabbing a bite to eat from snack vending machines help reduce the effects of fatigue after lunch.


Provide Healthy Options
Replacing greasy snacks and candy with granola bars, Sun Chips, vitamin water and Gatorade will help your staff eat healthy.

Keeping Staff Onsite
People leaving the office throughout the day can result in a surprising amount of wasted company time. Food and drink vending machines will keep people onsite and help improve their focus. Think about how convenient a coffee vending machine will be for your office, allowing employees to get a fresh cup instantly!


About Middle Georgia Vending
Vending Services


Beverage Vending Machines:
We provide a myriad of drink choices in a variety of can or bottle beverage vending machines and always seek our accounts input. Beverage vending machines are a must in today’s busy lifestyles as they are the first thing people turn to when they are trying to keep a schedule, but do not have time to stop somewhere to find the drink they need. Cold drink vending machines are guaranteed to please customers of any age with sports drinks, water, juice, or dairy.

Snack Vending Machines:
Snack vending machines complete any break room or lobby, providing substitutes or compliments to meals or keeping customer and employees going until mealtime. Give your staff or customers the snack options they are looking for from candy and gum to healthy options like nuts, granola, Sun Chips and more. Withe highly visible glass front vending machines employees and customers see exactly what they are getting when they make choices from our snack vending machines.


Vending isn’t limited to drinks and snacks; there is a whole array of vending that range from the more common hot beverage machines, cold food machines, and bulk candy machines, to lesser none coin mechanical machines you may find in a bathroom. Our customers are important to us, so we offer specialized vending options to serve you and your clients better. Do you have special needs? Then please give us an opportunity to meet your need.


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